Paranoid Android 2017: Release 2 liefert neue Funktionen und unterstützt nun noch mehr Geräte

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Gerade erst Ende Mai dieses Jahres verkündete das Team hinter der beliebten Android-ROM „Paranoid Android“ seine erste Android Nougat-Auskopplung. Nun ist Release Nummer 2 (7.0.2) da und bringt diverse neue Features mit. Außerdem werden ab sofort einige weitere Geräte unterstützt. Die neuen Features nennen sich „Pocket Lock“ und „Accidental Touch“, außerdem gibt es einige Verbesserungen bei der integrierten Color Engine zu vermelden.

Pocket Lock soll den Nutzer davor schützen, dass er beim Tragen seines Smartphones in der Hosentasche aus Versehen ungewollte Aktionen über das Display ausführt. Ein längerer Druck auf den Powerbutton deaktiviert die Lock-Funktion.

Accidental Touch hingegen verhindert, dass beispielsweise beim Zocken von Games aus Versehen die Hardwaretasten des Geräts benutzt werden könnten. Wer also mitten in einer Session mit dem Finger das Smartphone abstützen will und dabei zufällig den Powerbutton berührt, muss an dieser Stelle nicht befürchten, dass sich das Display ausschaltet.

Folgende weiter Änderungen gibt es außerdem zu verkünden:

Paranoid Android 2017 Release 2

Improvements to Color Engine

With this release, we are introducing gray as a new primary and accent color which will sit alongside our already present colors. Also, we have fixed all known compatibility issues with Substratum Theme Engine.

New Devices

As promised we now feel that the OnePlus One, OnePlus X and the Nextbit Robin are stable enough to be included in our roster along with several other devices detailed below:

bacon – OnePlus One
onyx – OnePlus X
gemini – Xiaomi Mi5
shamu – Nexus 6
Robin – Nextbit Robin
zl1 – LeEco Le Pro3

You’re probably wondering why the OnePlus 2 didn’t make it to the list but worry not, it’ll be up as soon as we can ensure good quality for it. Same goes for the Nexus 5 (Hammerhead).


We personally also want to support the Sony Xperia line of devices and we teased a post of the Xperia Z3 Compact and the Xperia X both running AOSPA somewhere in the community recently. However, our infrastructure is not able to cope with the vast number of devices. We’d like all Sony users to answer in a poll for which devices you’d like to see added and we’ll support the devices with the most amount of votes.

Please cast your votes here –

Winds of Change

We are proud to announce that the Paranoid Android team has managed to strike up a collaboration with the creator of Shuttle+ to bring you a feature rich, modern music player.

This brings benefits like:
Google Cast to your TV
Scrobbling to
Embedded lyrics
ID3 tag editing
Batch creation of playlists
and much more

We’re excited to have this partnership and believe it will bring a better user experience for our users with a lot more functionality.

Release Management

After the first release a while ago, there were several device specific issues reported. We did not roll out device specific hotfixes as our OTA system (Paranoid Hub) was broken and forced us to provide an update for all devices at once (this release). This release fixes all issues for ParanoidOTA and you should receive device hotfixes whenever needed.


Global Changes:
Option for double tap to sleep on status bar
Screen off action for button settings
Fix for navigation bar swiping
Notification light fixes and improvements
Updated PA browser based on M60
Pulse on pickup fixed
Different fixes for contacts handling and integration into Google apps
Various Bluetooth connectivity fixes
Improvements for hardware key lighting
Higher quality wallpapers
Optimized fingerprint unlock speed
Fixed reboot to recovery message
Various performance enhancements
Various power related enhancements
Other fixes and improvements which will have to be discovered by you 🙂

OnePlus 3/3T:
Fixed various camera crashes
Fix for manual ISO control
Improved quality and post-processing in our custom camera HAL
Improved GPS performance and accuracy
Improved Wifi performance and power
Optimized NFC toggling speed
Fixes for specific Volte setups
Reworked automatic brightness tuning
Fix for lid support
Various major performance improvements
Improvements to memory management
Fix for the known idle drain issue
Various power related enhancements
Note: We generally recommend f2fs users to switch back to ext4 as f2fs has GC issues which can result in performance issues over time. This issue is not specific to this update and exists in stock as well.

Fixed Google camera crashes
Fixed NFC tile
Updated kernel to latest EAS upstream
Merged latest security patches
Backported changes from O preview
Improved memory management when under pressure
Note: OTA updates for these devices are currently unsupported and also a reflash of gapps would be needed after installing the update.

Zum Download der aktuellen Version geht es hier entlang.

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