Action Launcher 3.3 bringt Live-Wallpaper-API, Shortcut- und Gestensteuerung und mehr mit

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Einer der beliebtesten Android Launcher, Action Launcher 3, hat ein Update erhalten, dass so einiges an neuen Features mit sich bringt. Ein neues Gesten- und Shortcut-System sowie eine Live-Wallpaper-API für Entwickler machen den Launcher in der Version 3.3 noch interessanter.

Teil des Action Launchers ist zudem die passende Minima Live Wallpaper-App, die nicht nur die Farben, sondern auch Formen des Wallpapers nach Belieben ändert. Chris Lacy, App-Entwickler des Action Launcher 3 hat einen ziemlich langen Changelog für beide Apps anbeigefügt, der sich mehr als umfangreich liest:

• NEW: Live wallpaper API support, enabling Quicktheme to reliably work with live wallpaper apps. For an example of this in action, check out the excellent Minima Pro.
• NEW: Shortcuts & gestures (Settings -> Shortcuts) both expanded and fully customizable. Gestures supported include: single/double/triple tap Home button; double/triple tap empty space; swipe up single/two fingers; swipe down single/two fingers; swipe left screen edge/swipe leftmost Home screen/swipe right screen edge/swipe rightmost Home screen; and pinch in/out.
• NEW: Ability to configure action taken by a gesture. Actions include load an app, load a shortcut, toggle All Apps, toggle Quickdrawer, toggle Quickpage, open Action 3 settings, display overview mode, lock/unlock desktop, lock device, open recents, open notifications, open text search and open voice search.
• NEW: When searching, use Google search box overlay instead of switching into the Google app. Can be changed via Settings -> Shortcuts -> Global search mode.
• NEW: As requested, an additional Donate option has been added for people who are so inclined (Settings -> Help -> Donate).
• NEW: Animate to/from the All Apps background color when opening/closing All Apps (requires Android 5.0 or later).
• NEW: Home screen indicators updated to match Android 5.1’s style.
• NEW: Allow importing of Action 3 layouts by other launchers. Thanks Kevin from Nova for the prod here.
• IMPROVEMENT: Gesture detection works over icons as well as empty space.
• IMPROVEMENT: Shortcuts to open notification panel works on Samsung devices running Android 5.x (requires granting access to the Accessibility system unfortunately).
• IMPROVEMENT: Size and positioning of Google search widget perfectly matches with the Google app on tablets.
• IMPROVEMENT: „Remove Shutter“ option is available both when picking up and putting down a Shutter and from the overflow menu.
• CHANGE: No longer default to opening Google Now when swiping right on leftmost Home screen. This option can be configured via Settings -> Shortcuts -> Leftmost Home screen -> App -> Google.
• CHANGE: Increase default double/triple tap delay to 275 milliseconds.
• FIX: Use light touch effect when Up button is pressed in Settings.
• FIX: If a Shutter/folder is open on the Quickpage, don’t close Shutter/folder and Quickpage with the same swipe gesture.
• FIX: Fix behavior oddities when changing settings via the „Action 3 Settings“ All Apps item.
• FIX: Misc. stability fixes.

Wer sich den Action Launcher 3 in Version 3.3 anschauen mag, findet diesen im Google Play Store, genauso wie die Apps Minima Live Wallpaper und Minima Pro Live Wallpaper.

(Danke an @FaulesArschloch für den Tipp und deinen Twitter-Nick!)

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